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My specific customs brokerage, consulting services related to the 30 years of professional and experienced advisers in the field with a team of national and international leading company in the sector to foreign trade and customs legislation and procedures covering since.

Today, competition is intense, fast and seamless business processes in an environment which is very important, and moves with the correct information, it is possible to do but work seamlessly with the right advice.

Customs, import and export operations in the state, with the company and that company officials responsible for about 10 years ahead, to avoid future legal problems and problems in this area is important in terms Consultancy firms.

The main topics covered include consulting services;

Customs Regulations Advisory,
4458 No. Customs Code and Regulations
5607 No. Anti-Smuggling Law
3218 No. Free Zone Law
3065 Law No. KDV
4760 Law No. Ö.TV
Import, Export Consulting,
Foreign Exchange Regulations Advisory,
Warehousing and Transit Services Consultancy,
Free Zone Consulting