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importation and exportation

My specific customs brokerage; import and export transactions set out to complete and conclude quickly, using advanced technology within today determines tomorrow's conditions; in accordance with the needs and expectations so as to ensure the continued provision of quality services and customer satisfaction has adopted the principles.

Differentiating the right to determine customer needs in order to communicate better and is working with a customer representative system. Our team of experts in foreign trade procedures have not been aware of the importance of speed up, to get the necessary support from all departments of our company is to fulfill the job requirements.

Any kind of prior authorization must be taken before the import (registration certificate, TSE, CE, permission Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Import License, BUSINESS DAYS I, etc.) carried out by our application's team and for all permits are obtained from the relevant professional institutions and organizations.

During the follow-up of the whole process as a reflection of transparency and integrity in our work, the whole process of processing is shared online with our customers.

My specific as customs brokerage, to better serve our customers, and we speak the same language with our customers in order to know the functioning of our customers in their respective sectors.

Our report all transactions made during the day actively and systematically prepared to facilitate the submission process followed our customers is maintained automatically.

Report studies different depending on the wishes of our company are made and shared. Conformity Assessment Procedures TSE: Turkish Standards Institute's directorate for all imports, trained and experienced professional team and conformity assessment procedures are performed in the fastest most efficient way.

TAREKS Applications:
Ministry of Economy of Regional Offices due to Product Group Head of Examiners of all processes carried out by the conformity assessment is carried out by our expert staff.

Measurements and Settings Operations:
Science, Industry and Technology Provincial Directorate with an experienced team of experts to conduct the measurement set-up process within the framework of these services are provided.

Warranty Processing:
Customs and approved by the Ministry of Commerce after-sales service qualification and consulting services for the creation and documentation of the necessary removal of the service network for your guarantee documents.

Guarantee Waiver Transactions:
Import firms are monitored by the warranty disclaimers of warranties allow for processes that require document customs and our resident expert staff at the Provincial Directorates of the Ministry of Trade are settled in quickly.

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of conformity assessment procedures:
Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry letter of compliance to be taken from the control documents and special permits followed quickly and efficiently satisfies concluded.

Used goods import permit procedures:
Ministry of Economy within the framework of relevant legislation in order to permit the import of used goods are considered goods operations are performed.

Special permissions:
implementation and monitoring of specific project-based transactions are subject to conformity assessment services.


Customs Tariff on Goods detection, transactions related to prior permission from Customs administrations and relevant ministries, done the feasibility study of the goods to be import, collection and tracking of all against documents from the shipper company, the built of the bill of lading endorsement if the Documentary Customs import operations of fast, complete, to ensure the successful completion, follow-up of the solution process of the collateral deposited with the customs Administration.


items related Customs Tariff determination, made of a feasibility study related to export the goods, Health Certificate, Control Certificate, ATR and EUR.1, Certificate of Origin, consular legalization, etc. according to the country situation. done, made the membership process with the relevant export association based on the type of goods, export against documents of the bank, transporters be delivered to agents and forwarders, speed of customs export operations, complete, to ensure the successful completion, Countervailing be deposited without skipped during the process of Taxes, closed the owned declaration to KDV copy urgently firms be delivered.