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Customs Brokerage

My specific customs brokerage, 30 years of professional and experienced consultant team with national and international leading company in the sector since "Customs Consulting" offers services.

Our main services in the field of customs brokerage;

Import Operations,
Export Operations,
Customs Tariff Position (CN) Detection,
Movement Certificates and Origin Certificate Applications,
Temporary Import Operations,
Temporary Export Operations,
Binding Tariff Purchases of Origin Determination,
Binding Origin Purchases Customs Tax Calculator Operations,
Postal Customs Procedures,
Transit Trade Processing,
Inward Processing Operations,
Outward Processing Operations,
Processing Under Customs Control Regime,
Warehouse Operations,
Transit Operations,
Free Zone Operations,
Re-Export Operations,
Disposal Operations,
Customs Departure Procedures,
Exemption and exemption from customs taxes,